Floripa is the nickname of a Balearic style city-island off the coast of Brazil, the short form of the beautiful and unique flower of Ipanema and a brand new venue in Shoreditch where Brazil and London come together in a hedonistic bohemian cultural fusion.

Our aim is to take the classic elements of Brazilian cuisine and remix them, take the best of London’s incredible music scene and re-cook it and take a South American beach bar and re-present cocktails sipped on the cabana’s of Ipanema and Florianopolis.

Floripa mixes all convivialities – we are a Brazilian influenced restaurant, a bar for the globe, a London bloc party club, an Ipanema-inspired colonial bordello, an idyllic sunset circus and indeed none of the above.

Of this we are sure at least – contradiction is our métier. The clash of cultures is not a war but a love-in where unadulterated fusion is always better than the real thing. The melting-pot-friendly magpie-like character of London sets it apart from other European cities and as Londoners and citizens of the world we celebrate destabilising the established order of things with Brazil as our springboard and benchmark.

Come join the contrary. Viva a revolução.

Floripa – egality, fraternity and liberty Brazilondra style!


91-93 Gt Eastern Street
London EC2A 3HZ


Monday - available for private hire
Tuesday–Thursday Opening 5pm–2am
Fri / Sat Opening 5pm-3am
Sunday Opening 5pm-1am
Happy Hour 4pm-7pm Tuesday-Friday

Floripa is available for private hire and special events, please get in touch with the Sales and Events team who will be able to assist you with your upcoming event.

We serve the finest coffee and Snacks courtesy of Black Box Coffee every weekday from 8am.

Won the London Coffee Stop awards for Coolest Baristas.

General Enquiries / Bookings


+44 207 613 4228
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm
Sat Midday-9pm

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