Must-Visit Places to Party

Florida is the state of sunshine, nightlife, and parties. There is so much to see and view when you travel to Florida. From the many national parks to the beautiful beaches, the nightlife in Florida is welcoming and entertaining. However, as a visitor, you may not know where to start. Here are the main nightlife activities to enjoy in Florida.

The Core in Jacksonville

Are you a fan of ping pong and island dance? Well, this club in Jacksonville is the best place to enjoy the latest cocktails. You will listen to quiet and live country music as you have fun on a mechanical bull.

The Core in Jacksonville is sandwiched between St. Johns River Street and Market Streets. It is a must-visit nightlife stop with late-night eat outs. Once you are done enjoying your meal, you can head out into the town for other treats.

Universal Citywalk, Wall Street Plaza, and Church Street

Entertainment in Jacksonville is dazzling, but there is more in nearby Orlando. Walking down Church Street at night always ends when you enter one of the major nightclubs in the area. This area is famous for its numerous street parties and several bars.

33 West Church Street is famous for the many bars on that Street. People come here for fresh drinks at the Chillers on the ground floor and unforgettable views of the rooftop skyline. If you are in the mood to dance, the nearby Antigua is an excellent place to start.

If the attractions on Church Street don’t meet your standards, maybe you can find luck at Orange Avenue. There are more than ten bars here, all of which offer martini lounges and live outdoor parties. Furthermore, music is in plenty here.

Channelside and Ybor City in Tampa

The historic Latin quarter in Tampa beams with high-rise buildings and inviting balconies. Your curiosity will increase when the smell of Cuban coffee fills the air during the day. You can pick the perfect spot with perfectly crafted interiors and furniture where you can enjoy with your friends. But the real fun starts when the sun goes down. As soon as it’s dark, live music suddenly comes to life. You can hear hip-hop and salsa from many of the bars along these streets. At the center of it all is the Centro Ybor nightclub. This is a one-stop destination for anybody looking for entertainment, shopping, and dining experiences. Once you are done with this Street, there is extra entertainment at Channelside Bay Plaza. In addition to the many theatres and restaurants in this area, there are upscale lounges with live music bands.

Pensacola Seville quarter

You can count up to seven bars in the Pensacola Seville quarter. What is more exciting is that you only need to pay once to access all of them. There is so much fun to have here, including instrumental music and live bands. There’s also an open area nearby where outdoor concerts can’t miss.

Seville Quarter has been hosting nightlife events since the 19th century. Many of the buildings in the area feature Victorian-era architecture. This gives them more mystic at night. You will have to walk through iron gates and elegant antiques to reach the dancing area.

West Palm Beach

Beach parties deliver unforgettable experiences. One of the best places to enjoy this is in Clematis Street in West Palm Beach. The Intracoastal highway stretches for about six blocks. Each of these blocks has at least 20 clubs or bars. Similarly, you can find a restaurant with delicious meals on the Street.

There’s much more entertainment on the nearby Clematis Street. Here, legendary bars such as Lost Weekend can be heard from a distance. Once you step inside, you can join the free concerts and live movies happening every Thursday. After enjoying the experience, you can walk around the blocks to sample other theatres, nightspots, and restaurants. If you are a wine person, there is something for you on the streets.

Downtown St. Petersburg

The Jannus Live nightclub is located in the center of St. Petersburg, Florida. Technically, this is a concert area sandwiched between 2nd Street, 1st Avenue North, and Central Avenue. You are guaranteed to find locations to dance, wine lounges, and numerous jazz clubs. There is even a place with a balcony and an outdoor bar. This is not to forget the vintage VIP sections for adult dancing.

Perhaps the most crucial attraction of downtown St. Petersburg is that it’s a short distance away from Beach Drive.

Final Take

Enjoying your stay in Florida is not difficult. There are so many places to spend your nights in Florida, from the numerous bars to the exquisite VIP lounges. Moreover, many of these places sell cheap drinks, and there are no crime incidents. We hope you will use these tips when you go to have some nightlife in Florida.