Top 5 Places To Find Live Music in Florianopolis

Every year, countless bands and solo performers from all over the world travel to Florianopolis in search of a warm welcome. With its central location in Brazil, it is an excellent spot for musicians who want to experience the culture of South America without having to fly halfway around the world. Whether you’re looking for reggae or rock music, there’s a place that will cater perfectly to your tastes.

The city of Florianopolis has a great live music scene. 

To help you find your favorite local bands and new artists, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 places to see live music in Florianopolis.  

1) O Drum: The best place for jazz, blues and bossa nova;

2) Zouk: Where all the rock stars go (or used to);

3) Café Imperial: If you want some high-quality classical music;

4) Teatro Santa Catarina: For everything from opera to ballet performances;

5) Restaurante do Largo da Carioca: A nice outdoor venue with an eclectic mix of international cuisine.

Which one are you going to try first? Go on now!